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This book is composed from first hand knowledge, also from Suad Leija, her media interviews and public documents and other sources. This book describes her family's business knows as the Castorena Leija-Sanchez organization. You will see how this organization impacts terrorism and immigration in the United States operation paper tiger will describe in detail the history, operations, murder, human smuggling, money laundry, counterfeit document manufacturing, key member profiles and photo's of the largest Mexican organized document fraud organizations in the united states. You will also read the wire taps that took place over many months by immigration customs enforcement and the hard work and dedication of the agents that worked for several years to put this organization out of business.
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The personal story of Suad Leija from age ten to present day. She recounts the early days of her life in this organized crime organization, her life in Chicago, Mexico city, Managua Nicaragua and back in the united states as a federal witness the marriage that changed her life putting her in the middle of counter terrorism efforts. Leading her to identify family members, operations and exposing the previously unknown world of the largest Mexican counterfeit document organization that was operating since the 1980's and has since been declared a major threat to the United States.