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Counterfeit documents are Paper Weapons. The first weapon a terrorist needs to "FIT IN" in the United States is a document. Once he has this weapon and cover he can then go about his business of causing great harm to the United States and its citizens.


The Castorena Leija-Sanchez crime organization is the major supplier of counterfeit documents/paper weapons in the United States. They are based in Mexico and have been operating in the United States for 17 years. They are in every major US city and earn approx.300 million dollars per year. They also deal in drugs and human smuggling. They are the new silent terrorists.

The following information on the site deals with the history of this terrorist group who they are, how they operate, and what is being done to expose them and bring them to justice.

Last but most important is the story of Suad Leija, the step daughter of the founder of this terrorist group. She has been assisting the government in their prosecution, identifying the key family members and giving the complete history from the beginning of this organization. You will see her early life as the organization grew. you will see her life as a young woman, you will see her life as she became the target of an effort to infiltrate her family to use their vast American computer database to track terrorists that have used the organization for counterfeit documents/paper weapons in the United States.

Until last year, the alleged connection between the Castorena and Leija-Sanchez families was relatively unknown. The link became clear in November, when ICE agents arrested Manuel Leija-Sanchez. It solidified when Suad arrived in the U.S. from Mexico earlier this year to assist U.S. agents in identifying family members.



"The Castorena organization is suspected of making hundreds of millions of dollars a year in sales of fraudulent documents, ''said Dean Boyd, spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington, D.C. "They typically charge between $80 and $200 per document, depending on the quality.''


ICE agents have connected fraudulent documents made by the Castorenas’ to the Leija-Sanchez family. The two families have worked together since their organization got its start in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s.

"Back then, they were one of the few organizations to have industrialized printing presses,'' Boyd said. "They had the card stock and the technology that allowed for mass production. Other organizations depended on them for the industrialized printing press, and that's when their business started booming.''

• Based in Mexico

• 100 key members oversee cells of 10 to 20 individuals in cities across the United States

Cells deal in document fraud, human smuggling and narcotics trafficking

• Documents were linked to more than 400 investigations and seizures in more than 50 cities in 33 states.

• American Express attributed $2 million in losses to the family fraud business.

• In Denver, ICE investigations have led to the criminal prosecution of more than 50


For ICE Director of Investigations Marcy Forman, the Castorena-Leija organization, which can provide forged documents to terrorists intent on violating national security, is one of the largest and most sophisticated counterfeiter networks.

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